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   As much as I want my 1966 VW Bug to keep its classic character, I still want it to be my own and reflect what I want. I don't plan to do any drastic customizations like hack the body into a different shape, but I'm not going to hold back from changing small details.

  • Paint - as I'm sure you know its not a stock color (at least not in 1966)
    • Cosmic Green Inside and Out
    • Also painted some Herculiner into the wheel wells to replace the failing stock liner

  • Adjustable front beam - yep, I like it a little lower looking
    • Old beam was rusted heavily
    • Quick and easy install
    • Easy to lower it a couple inches to make the new tires fill the wheel wells

  • Wheels and Tires - those EMPI knock offs are just a tad wider than stock
    • Chrome EMPI 5 spoke pattern
    • 15 X 5 1/2 inch wheels
    • Tires - can not rememer at the moment so I'll have to look and update but they do look nice

  • Antenna relocation - no more big sheet metal bending antenna up front
    • Small, modern, fixed mast antenna
    • Relocated to the back above the read window
    • Removed large almost whip antenna in front of passenger door

  • Seats - seats (front and back) are out of an old Ford Escort
    • Original seats just weren't my style
    • Front seats fully recline and are buckets
    • Rear seats are a split rear bench that is not as bulky
    • Rear seats fold down independently of each other for better cargo space
    • Rear seats lift independently to access under seat space
    • Eventually will build armrests for sides of rear seats

  • Sounds system - I like the engine sound but sometimes need more
    • Dash Radio - its a broken original from a 72 bettle hacked to fit behind the plate that fits the 66
    • Hidden Head unit - thats the one that I really get my music from
    • Speakers - I wanted stereo and quality so I currently have kick panels up front and tweeters in the door
    • Amp - Also out of site to keep the look a little more classic
    • More speakers - FUTURE - going to put some in the back

  • Engine - zoom zoom?
    • 1776cc - thats right, no more little 1300 even though I still have the 1300 badge on there
    • Dual Weber Carbs - just trying to get a little more fuel and air into the engine
    • 12 volts - this was a pretty easy decision for lights and music
    • Fresh Air Vents - the 1300 deck lid has no vents in it so all the fresh air is expected to come from the small vents above the lid so I put in some ducting from under the car
    • Gauges - have to be able to watch the oil and cylinder temperature so I put in those 2 gauages and a tach just for fun (actually helped while tuning the carbs)

  • Electrical
    • 12 volt system
    • Guages
    • Alarm system
    • Electric windshield wiper washer motor
    • Hard start relay