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    The plan is to get the interior to be comfortable and good looking as soon as the rest of the car is running up to speed. So far the interior has been moving along slowly.

  • Seats
    • Pulled some highback bucket seats out of my brothers old Ford Escort before he ditched it
    • Removed the rails from from the stock VW seats
    • Mounted 2 inch square stock to the floor of the bug and reinforced the pan with some thick metal plate underneath the car.
    • Mounted the seats to the rails
    • Added 3 point retratable seat belts out of some wrecked Japanesse car so the beetle was safer

  • Door Pull
    • I broke 2 door handles pulling the driver's side door shut and decided that I needed something else to pull
    • Looked for a matching interior door arm rest but could not find one from another old bug
    • Decided I would make a door pull that looked period
    • Went to Home Depot and found a cabinet pull that I liked and matched the chrome strip of the VW panel
    • Created a bracket for the backside of the interior panel
    • Made a small hook for the door itself similar to the stock part from VW
    • Screwed the door pull to the interior panel
    • Cut and filed the interior chrome strip to match the passenger side
    • Reinstalled the door panel and pulled the handle
    • Hopefully no more broken handles
    • Take a look at the pictures from the installation of the Interior Door Pull

  • The rest?
    • Headliner - might go for a Deluxe style headliner
    • Carpet - as soon as I decide there are no more leaks I'll put down sound damping and then carpet
    • Recover the seats to match and clean them up
    • Plan to switch the knobs over to black
    • Most certainly other stuff too