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  • 1993
    • Purchased Blue 1966 VW Bug
      • The VW was to be fixed up and ready by the time I could drive
      • The beetle was delivered on a truck to the house the night of a storm that covered the driveway with three trees
      • Bodywork on the hood was started
      • Engine (1300cc) was said to run and after a little banging it really did
      • Interior was worn and stale smelling
  • 1998
    • Pushed the bug into the garage to begin work (already in college)
    • Suspension work began
      • New shocks installed
      • New adjustable front beam installed
  • 2000
    • The bug is still in the garage and in the same shape as when I started school
    • Body disassembly
      • Pulled all the interior out and found more rust than I expected
      • Removed the fenders and found even more rust than before
      • Decided I would have to replace the pans and fix kick panels
    • Unbolted body and had some help lifting onto some stands
      • Spent a day removing the right side pan by breaking welds with a hammer and chisel
      • Spent a much less time on the left side pan by breaking welds with an air chisel
      • Learned the basic concept of welding by watching the pan be tacked to the tunnel
  • 2002
    • 2 more years and the bug is still in the garage and in the same shape as last update
    • Learning to weld on my own
      • Decided I would fix the kick panels in the wheel wells
      • Practice lots of welding on scrap metal
      • Cut out rusted out panels and cut new panels to fit
        • Turns out a hidden location is great for learning
        • Turns out welding on a table and hanging in the air is much different
        • Good and clean metal is better for welding than slightly clean metal
        • Next side turned out much better
    • Time to try welding the firewall
      • More cutting and weld breaking
      • Fitting the new firewall to fit between heater channels and over tunnel takes time
      • And patience
      • New firewall in nice and solid
  • 2005 - November
  • 2006 - November
  • 2007 - May
    • Back on the road!
      • 7,500 Miles
  • Today